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At Mainland Claims, resolving your claims in the most efficient way possible is our priority.

To ensure we achieve this, each client is assigned a loss adjuster to specifically manage their case. Having just one point of contact ensures that we can tailor our approach to suit each client’s individual needs, streamlining our processes and refining our methods to meet each challenge. This approach also minimises any breakdowns in communication and prevents confusion, ensuring you can relax in the knowledge your claims will be dealt with as efficiently as possible.

Our cloud based claims management system is designed specifically to provide flexibility and transparency for Insurers and Brokers and provide a constant communication channel. The advantage of this software is it provides a direct point of reference and information log, particularly helpful if we are dealing with a force of nature event. Combined with our commitment to customer service excellence, we’ve got everything covered to get your claims sorted, so you can get on with business.

  • Fast access to experienced staff, for all major domestic and commercial claim types
  • Outstanding customer service – empathy and efficiency are our priority
  • Expertise in resolving complicated claims. We tailor our solutions to meet every challenge
  • Experience in Disaster Response



Our Partners

We partner with ASTA Group Chartered Loss Adjusters, who are Australia wide - we each provide support for catastrophic events in New Zealand, and Australia through a reciprocal agreement

Claims timeframes

Our ultimate aim is to settle or resolve claims in the same timeframes achieved during normal 'business as usual.' Mainland Claims recruitment and staff deployment systems make it possible.

Keep up-to-date

Making a claim resulting from a Force of Nature, is a stressful time for your clients. This makes it even more important for you to know the progress of a Claim at any point in time. Mainland Claims log everything - including all verbal, written and emailed communication and documents - through our custom-built software. With login access, you will see precisely what stage the Claim is at, with the click of a button.

Maintain service levels

When times are less stressful, it's easier to achieve a high level of customer service. However MCM's objective is to deliver that same standard of service even when a mini-event occurs.

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